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A Walking Guide to the Menai Strait Bridges

Bob Daimond and Warren Kovach

The Menai Strait, separating the Isle of Anglesey from mainland Wales, is spanned by two world famous bridges, Thomas Telford’s Menai Suspension Bridge and Robert Stephenson’s Britannia Bridge. For many years Menai Heritage, a community group that tells the story of these bridges, has been offering guided tours. Their experts point out features of interest and explain their history and their engineering and social significance. This guide book distils their knowledge into print form, so that visitors can take the walks at their own time and speed.

The book begins with a brief section giving the story of their construction and later modifications. It then continues with a description of a walk around the bridges. Each numbered step gives directions to follow for the walk, and points out features of interest along the way. The reader can take either a short walk across and under the Suspension Bridge, or a longer one that also takes in the Britannia Bridge.

The 16-page book is richly illustrated with historical images from the Menai Heritage archives as well as modern photos showing the main points of interest. It is an excellent companion for a visit to these magnificent bridges, as well as a good addition to the book shelf of anyone interested in local and engineering history.

Book details

Format: Paperback, 148 x 210 mm 
Pages: 16
Images: 31, colour
Publisher: Menai Heritage, April 2015
ISBN: 978-0993235108

£3.50 + shipping:
UK – £1.50
Europe – £4.00
Rest of world – £5.50

Menai Bridge – A Pictorial History

John Cowell


The latest in John Cowell’s series of pictorial local histories, this book focuses on Menai Bridge town. It is intended for the general reader who has an interest in the history of Menai Bridge. It deals with the growth of the town following the construction of Telford’s bridge and its rise as a popular tourist attraction, ending with later developments that completely altered the physical appearance of the town. The illustrations, each of which is accompanied by an informative caption, portray a society vastly different from our own when visitors poured off the steamers, children played safely in the road and nine out of ten spoke Welsh.

Book details

Format: Paperback, 210 x 148 mm
Pages: 119
Images: 99, monochrome
Publisher: Menai Heritage, October 2014
ISBN: 0 9518592 6 9

£9.95 REDUCED to £7.95 + shipping:
UK – £2.00
Europe – £5.25
Rest of world – £8.00

An Historical and Descriptive Account of the Suspension Bridge Constructed over the Menai Strait in North Wales.

William Alexander Provis

Provalis book

This is a photographic reproduction of the original 1828 publication. It describes the background to the efforts to fund, design and build a bridge over the Menai Strait. Full details of the design decisions taken and the progress of the construction are given, along with a number of plates of detailed drawings of various elements of the bridge.

Book details

Format: Paperback, 210 x 294 mm
Pages: 110
Images: 21, monochrome
Publisher: Menai Heritage, 2012

£17.50 REDUCED £15.00 + shipping:
UK – £3.00
Europe – £7.00
Rest of world – £11.00

Man of Iron – Thomas Telford and the Building of Britain

Julian Glover

A major new biography of Thomas Telford by journalist and politician Julian Glover.

Thomas Telford was a complex man: a shepherd’s boy who loved the countryside but helped industrialise it; an ambitious man who cared little for accolades; highly sociable and charming, but peculiarly private about his personal life; and an engineer who was also a poet. He cherished a vision of a country connected to transform mobility and commerce: his radical politics lay not in ideas but the creation of useful, solid things.

In an age in which economics, engineering and national identity came together, Thomas Telford’s life was a model of what can be achieved by persistence, skill and ambition. Drawing on contemporary accounts, this, the first full modern biography of Telford, at once intimate and expansive, is an utterly original portrait. It is a book of roads and landscapes, waterways and bridges, but above all, of how one man transformed himself into the greatest engineer Britain has ever produced.

Book details

Format: Hardcover, 234 x 153 mm
Pages: 448
Images: 2×8 page colour inserts
Publisher: Bloomsbury, 2017
ISBN: 978-1408837467

£25 REDUCED to £20 + shipping:
UK – £3.00
Europe – £7.00
Rest of world – £11.00

On Tour with Thomas Telford

Chris Morris

Celebrating the 250th anniversary of Thomas Telford’s birth, this book of photographs of his engineering achievements is in effect a visual biography: nothing could be more appropriate for a man who was constantly travelling round his projects, for whom work was life and whose life was his work.

Incorporating material from the author’s earlier book, Thomas Telford’s Scotland, this new edition is a visual celebration of Telford’s architectural and engineering legacy, from the mighty Menai Bridge to the harbours, manses and chapels of the remote Scottish Highlands.

Book details

Format: Paperback, 241 x 165 mm
Pages: 160
Images: One or more colour on every page
Publisher: Amberley Publishing, June 2015
ISBN: 978-1445650579

£19.99 REDUCED to £17.50 + shipping:
UK – £3.00
Europe – £7.00
Rest of world – £11.00

Thomas Telford

L.T.C. Rolt

Biography of Thomas Telford by the prolific English writer and the biographer of major civil engineering figure.

The son of a shepherd, Thomas Telford was born in Westerkirk, Scotland in 1757. At the age of 14, he was apprenticed to a stonemason. He worked for a time in Edinburgh and in 1782 he moved to London. By this time, Telford had established a good reputation as an engineer and in 1790 was given the task of building a bridge over the River Severn at Montford. This was followed by a canal that linked the ironworks and collieries of Wrexham with Chester and Shrewsbury. On the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Telford used a new method of construction consisting of troughs made from cast-iron plates and fixed in masonry. With the success of these structures, Telford began his rise to fame that eventually made him one of the greatest engineers in Victorian Britain. His bridges, aqueducts, roads, and canals combined aesthetic grace with brilliant engineering, and perhaps no other single individual contributed more to making Britain the “workshop of the world.”

Book details

Format: Paperback, 152 x 229 mm
Pages: 304
Images: 23, monochrome
Publisher: The History Press, 2007
ISBN: 978-0750945769

£12.99 REDUCED to £12 + shipping:
UK – £3.00
Europe – £7.00
Rest of world – £11.00

Civil Engineering Heritage – Wales

Keith Thomas

Until the early part of the 18th century life for the majority of Britons had not changed greatly since the Middle Ages, but then in the space of 300 years the pace of change accelerated rapidly. Civil engineering was vital for these sudden and large improvements to our economy and quality of life. Wales is said to have been one of the first industrialised nations in the world, when the number of people employed in industry exceeded the number in agriculture. From the 18th century the rapid expansion of industry required improved transport links for the movement of materials and finished products by way of canals, roads, railways and docks. The mountainous landscape presented serious obstacles to improvements in communications, creating innovative and spectacular engineering. Many of Britain’s finest engineers have been involved throughout the Principality, including Brindley, Jessop, Rennie, Telford, Stephenson and Brunel. This book records examples of some of their best work.

This book is part of a regional series on civil engineering heritage that examines the contribution of the civil engineer to society over the last 300 years, including transport networks, architecture and landscape design. It is fully illustrated throughout, making an important contribution to the industrial history of Britain, and would interest anyone with a desire to know more about civil engineering’s impact on the UK. It includes a gazetteer of ground-breaking monuments to civil engineering.

Book details

Format: Paperback, 182 x 240 mm
Pages: 192
Images: monochrome photos & maps on most pages
Publisher: Phillimore & Co Ltd, 2010
ISBN: 978-1860776380

£26 REDUCED to £16.00 + shipping:
UK – £3.00
Europe – £7.00
Rest of world – £11.00

The Secret Bridge

Robin Richards

This book tells the story of the reconstruction of the Menai Suspension bridge between 1936 and 1941. Very well illustrated, it shows how the chains and deck were dismantled and put back together, without stopping the traffic. It also includes lots of snippets about life in Menai Bridge at the time, and some of it’s best know residents.

Book details

Format: Paperback, 147 x 210 mm
Pages: 72
Images: numerous monochrome photos, drawings and newspaper clippings on most pages
Publisher: Rocket Books, 1991
ISBN: 0-9517605-0-5

£4.95 REDUCED to £3.00 + shipping:
UK – £2.00
Europe – £5.25
Rest of world – £8.00

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