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The Menai Heritage archives have a large number of documents and books about the Menai Strait bridges and the surrounding area. Most have not been digitised, but we have recently started scanning some of the more important documents. Also, some of the larger works are already scanned and freely available online through and other sites. This page lists some of these works and gives links for you to download them.

Clark, Edwin, 1850. The Britannia and Conway Tubular Bridges with general inquiries on beams and on the properties of materials used in construction. London: Day and Son.

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Cumming, T.G. 1828. Description of the iron bridges of suspension erected over the Strait of Menai, the River Conway and over the River Thames. – 2nd ed. London: Architectural Library.

Fairbairn, William, 1849. An account of the construction of the Britannia and Conway tubular bridges. London: John Weale.

Harper, Charles G. 1902. The Holyhead Road; the mail-coach road to Dublin. London: Chapman & Hall.

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Kohl, Friedrich, 1851. Beschreibung der Göltzsch- und Elsterthal-Überbrückung im sächsischen Voightlande, sowie der Britannia-Röhrenbrücke und der über denselben Meeresarm führenden Kettenbrücke in England und der schiefen Ebene in Baiern. Plauen.

Pring, Joseph, Dr., 1826. Particulars of the Grand Suspension Bridge erected over the Straits of Menai. Bangor: John Brown.

Provis, William, 1828. An historical account of the suspension bridge constructed over the Menai Straits. Hardback. London: Ibotson & Palmer.

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Smiles, Samuel, 1876. The life of Thomas Telford, civil engineer : with an introductory history of roads and travelling in Great Britain. London: John Murray, Albemarle Street.

The House of Commons, 22 April 1811 Report from the Committee on Holyhead Roads and Harbour. Appendix 2, Mr. Telford’s Report Respecting the Great Roads from Holyhead Through North Wales. London.

The House of Commons, 18 February 1819. Papers Relating to the building a Bridge over the Menai Strait, near Bangor Ferry; etc. London.

The House of Commons, 15 May 1832. Ninth Report of Commissioners on the Road from London to Holyhead. Appendix 1, Mr. Telford’s Report [on the condition of the road]. London.

The House of Commons, 28 April 1838. Fifteenth Report of Commissioners on the Road from London to Holyhead. Appendix 2, Mr. John Provis’s Report [on the condition of the road]. London.

The House of Commons, 19 April 1839. An Account of the Sums Paid to the Consolidated Fund in Repayment of Loans Advanced for the Improvement of the Holyhead Road. London.

The House of Commons, 11 July 1861. An Act to Relieve Certain Trusts on the Holyhead Road from Debts. London.

Wedding, Landbaumeister, ca. 1826-28. Die Kettenbrücken über die Meerenge Menai, die von Aber-Conwy und Hammersmith. Berlin.

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