Menai Bridges Exhibition

“The Menai Bridge was the first big suspension bridge in Britain, and a triumph for the great engineer Thomas Telford in 1826, just as the tubular Britannia railway bridge next door was a triumph for Robert Stephenson 24 years later. ”
Adam Hart-Davies – BBC science-history presenter

Img2014-04-14_094900The Exhibition tells the story of the two famous bridges, the engineers who designed them and the craftsmen who built them and what happened next.

Thomas Telford and Robert Stephenson developed pioneering bridge designs and constructed road and rail crossings over the treacherous waters of the Menai Strait. They changed the nature of the journey between Dublin and London forever!
Suspension Bridge artefacts

  • See artefacts from the original bridges
  • Watch films of the reconstruction of the bridges
  • Try building a bridge or test your knowledge and do the quiz
  • Find out about the men, women and children involved with building of the Britannia Bridge. Were any of your ancestors involved with the building of the Bridges? Did they come into the area or leave it because of the Bridges?
  • Search the photographs for local people involved with the Bridges
  • Extend your visit with a walk over and under the Suspension Bridge or find the lions on the Britannia Bridge
  • Browse our Bookshelf and Art Gallery
  • Find out about what lies beneath the water and why the Menai Strait is so important for wildlife

To manage the number of visitors, please book a timeslot to visit at Eventbrite.

Admission charges – £5.00 per adult, children under 16 free

La Marguerite on her farewell voyage on the North Wales service in September 1925
Are you interested in the people who lived in the area before and after the Bridges were built? Menai Bridge Town did not exist before the Suspension Bridge was opened!
  • study the photographs in our Collection
  • see the research that has been done on the men women and children who were part of the building the iconic structures
  • trace the commercial development of Menai Bridge
  • learn the story of shipping in the Straits
  • see the memorabilia collected from local residents

Steam Engine
The Steam Engine which worked the hydraulic presses to raise the tubes on the Britannia Bridge
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