School and College Educational Visits

0805717_1AA Unique Educational Experience

The Exhibition Centre offers schools and college groups a unique educational experience as an introduction to Engineering, Construction skills, history related pre and post the building of the Bridges. There are also opportunities for workshops in history related to the area, and ecology. We would be pleased to discuss these with teaching staff. We can support your visit in a number of ways

  • Reception and year 1 and all key stages, by a choice of curriculum workshops. The workshops have been devised in partnership with Careers Wales teachers and school teachers and led by engineers and trained members of staff. Sessions are based around an introduction to Bridge Building, health and safety, building materials, transport – ferries etc.
  • Study visit workshops, presentations and resources for post–14 students – key stages 4 and 5.
  • A dedicated team of people to meet and welcome you.
  • Lunch can be provided if pre arranged, cloakroom facilities.
  • Teacher days, preview and planning visit with booking support including
  • Pre-preparation for the group, health and safety etc. to help you plan the day.

Click here to contact us for booking or planning advice.

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