The Menai Heritage Museum

Menai Heritage is an accredited museum with a sizeable collection of documents and artefacts related to the Menai Strait Bridges and the history of the area. The purpose of the museum is to make provision for collection, storage, preservation, display and interpretation of objects, documents and drawings relating to:

  • The Menai Suspension Bridge, designed by Thomas Telford;
  • The Britannia Bridge, designed by Robert Stephenson;
  • The rich marine environment and the outstanding natural beauty of the Menai Strait;
  • The history of the communities that grew up around the two bridges.
John Hemingway
Portrait of John Hemingway, stonemason for the Britannia Bridge, donated to us by his descendants.

Our full Collections Policy can be viewed here.

A list of the books, pamphlets and other documents in our collections can be viewed here.

We welcome offers of donations of objects related to our goals above. If you have items that you wish to donate to our collections, please contact the collections staff at

We will send you a form to fill out with details about the object. The item will then be considered by our Collections Panel, who will decide whether it would be a suitable addition to the collections.

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